Volley Shoes Asics Metarise Man

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Volley Shoes Asics Metarise Man

The METARISE™ volleyball shoe features advanced componentry that's functional for helping Outside Hitters and Middles jump higher.

This shoe incorporates a MONO-SOCK™ upper design that helps promote a comfortable fit and excellent support. Additionally, the DYNAWRAP™ technology offers supportive paneling from the base of the laces, over the arch and along the midsole to increase stability when making quick transitions or breaking on the court.

The METARISE™ volleyball shoe is designed to help players cut-in more smoothly. This application features a curved shape in the heel. The wider gauge in the forefoot improves forefoot stability during abrupt braking—preventing power loss before jumping.

FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology in the midsole helps create a responsive bounce. In contrast, the RISETRUSS™ technology creates propulsion when bending the foot to generate a spring-like recoil during the final stage of a jumping motion.

  • DYNAWRAP™ technology improves support
  • FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology cushioning increases impact absorption and responsiveness
  • RISETRUSS™ technology improves forefoot stability
  • MONO-SOCK™ upper improves stability

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