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Kneepads Top Match Juri Mikasa

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Kneepads Top Match Juri Mikasa

Professional volleyball knee pads.

ANTI-MICROBIAL Screen technology with AEGIS microbes helps prevent infection caused by staphylococcus. This technology protects against microbial growth but does not alter or penetrate the skin. Screen technology for microbes

AEGIS controls the growth of bacteria or fungi that cause odors, stains and deterioration, which is the result of the repeated use of sports clothing and equipment.

ADVANCED PROTECTION OF THE PATELLAR MOVEMENT Particular design designed for advanced protection of the patella without bulk.

EVA with partial impact foam allows high flexibility of performance and comfort.

MIKASA MT7 guarantees maximum protection for knee joints and muscles that are susceptible to bruising.

INNOVATIVE FLEXIBILITY Special bending points to give maximum elasticity. The best protection with the best movement.

BREATHABLE FABRIC Keeps sweat away from the skin, quick drying of the fabric.

CIRCULAR PROCESSING The elastic MIKFIBER fabric promotes perfect adherence of the knee pad during movement.

NYLON ELASTIC TERMINAL EDGE Long-lasting breathable fabrics have been designed to obtain excellent performance, comfort and fit.

Size guide.
To calculate the correct size of the knee pads, measure the circumference of the leg 15 cm below the center of the kneecap.
Using these sizes you can select the following sizes.

JR (S-M) > 33 - 37 cm
SR (L-XL) > 37 - 42 cm

5 Items